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Eric Sigurdson is the editor of the Sigurdson Post.  The Sigurdson Post was developed for the legal profession, business, political decision makers, and the general public to engage and inform, provide a framework for reflection, address professional and societal issues,  and have a little bit of fun. In addition, it is hoped that the Sigurdson Post will fairly provide a basis for further discussion and review of important issues within our society.  Our goal is to provide a publication that rewards our readers for their time.

Eric Sigurdson graduated from the University of Ottawa’s Law School in 1988, and was called to the Bar in 1990.  He was certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Specialist in Civil Litigation, and awarded a Trial Advocacy Skills diploma in the teaching of trial advocacy from the U.S. based National Institute of Trial Advocacy.  Eric has been a speaker at seminars and conferences in Canada and the United States.

Eric has significant expertise in trial, appellate and administrative advocacy.  He has represented clients before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice; administrative tribunals, including the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (Discipline Committee); the specialized Commercial Court; Divisional Court; the Court of Appeal for Ontario; the Tax Court of Canada; and the Federal Court of Appeal, including applications to the Supreme Court of Canada arising from the Ontario and Alberta Courts of Appeal.

Eric practiced law for more than 25 years.  Over the course of his career Eric was a partner in private practice, the Resident Attorney for Liberty Mutual’s in-house Staff Counsel operations in Canada, and the General Attorney for TD Insurance’s Staff Counsel operations in Canada of over 120 professionals (including 51 trial lawyers).  Eric and his Staff Legal teams handled significant high-exposure litigation, including major jury trials and appeals.

Eric formerly served on the Ontario Government’s Anti-Fraud Task Force working group with respect to Prevention, Detection, Investigation and Enforcement.  Eric was on the Executive Committee of the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (Ontario) for five years, and a member of the Insurance Crime Strategic Committee (Insurance Bureau of Canada).  He was selected as a finalist for the Canadian General Counsel Awards in the category of “Litigation Management”. In his career, Eric’s expertise has included oversight of litigation management of property and casualty claims litigation across Canada (over 10,000 litigated files annually), quality and governance, and national Special Investigations.

Eric retired on August 1, 2016, at the age of 53, as an executive of TD Insurance where he held the position of General Attorney (Sigurdson, Courtlander, Burns & Silverstone, A Staff Legal Office of TD Insurance).  Eric was employed with TD Insurance from May 4, 1998 to August 1, 2016.



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